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Changing Lives, One Home At A Time

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To think that I started with nowhere to go. I was sleeping in my car at night and going to work during the day. It was an extremely hard experience. Once I got tired of it, I started to call around for places that might be able to help me get into my own place.

"Once I got to Ruth’s Place, I heard about the rehousing program and was excited right away. It sounded like it was exactly what I needed to get on my feet."

 Fast forward a few weeks, and now I'm in my own apartment that CRCD helped me get in. Because of them, I didn't have to pay my deposit or first month’s rent. I appreciate my CRCD case manager for really putting forth effort to help me. Now I can save for a couple months, get myself established and be ahead so I won't ever be in that predicament again. I just want to say thank you CRCD and thank you Kevin!” -Koriece Mason


Kameko and their family first experienced homelessness due to family hardship. Sleeping in a car, unable to have hot meals or showers, the family first reached out for help from HOPICS who provided them with temporary housing and food and told them about the housing services available at CRCD. Today, thanks to their perseverance and willingness to ask for help, they are home at Residences on Main! Kameko tells us that it “feels like Christmas” and wants to remind all others experiencing homelessness, “Do not give up. Stay strong. Keep the faith and always stay positive.”

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B. Hightower

I was struggling with a stable home but seeing my friend in a similar situation motivated me to act on calling CRCD. The services here have impacted me in a powerful, positive way. I have learned that there is help out there if you look. What I like the most is the love. "My biggest accomplishment has been getting my apartment!" Now I’m excited when I visualize my success.

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