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About CRCD Partners, LLC

CRCD Partners, LLC changes lives, one home at a time, by building in the communities we serve. As a minority-owned and operated company, our collaboration with the family of CRCD companies means we build responsibly, provide case-management services, and create high paying jobs. We invest in individuals, families, and small businesses to end poverty and homelessness.  

We are proud of our investment in South LA!

We currently own and operate 3 historic buildings significant in the African American community:

 The Dunbar Hotel, Historic 28th Street YMCA, Lincoln Theatre. 

In this conversation, Alejandro Martinez, President of CRCD Partners, LLC, walks us through CRCD’s mission and work. Here, Martinez debunks misconceptions about homelessness, shares the innovative construction techniques CRCD is implementing, and highlights the power of unrestricted funding. Joining him is Paul Turner, Director, Loan Origination at NFF.

A nonprofit Community Development Corporation CRCD’s mission is to better sustain, coordinate and improve local planning, development and community services that address the needs of low-income residents and small businesses in South Los Angeles. Founded in 2005, CRCD has a unique focus on young people (ages 16-25), and collaborates with residents, businesses, community-based organizations, civic leaders, and Los Angeles Trade-Technical College to improve the quality of life in South LA. In addition to real estate development, we provide workforce and youth development programs, neighborhood and community beautification services, supportive services, small business and economic development services.

About the Coalition of Responsible Community Development

Keeping in the family of CRCD services, CRCD Enterprises not only serves as a general contractor but also provides Facilities Management and Maintenance at CRCD Partners, LLC housing locations.

CRCD Partners,LLC and CRCD Enterprises work closely to provide affordable and permanent supportive housing to South LA. CRCD Enterprises is a State B General Contractor and provides competitive bids for construction contracts, including those at CRCD Partners. CRCD Enterprises provides prevailing wage jobs and hands-on work experience to community residents looking for a career in construction. 


What is affordable housing?

What is permanent supportive housing?

What is workforce housing?

What is student housing?

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